Taiwan Life Insures against security risks for new headquarters with Messoa CCTV

Taiwan Life Insures against security risks for new headquarters with Messoa CCTV

The new headquarters building of Taiwan Life Insurance, one of the top insurers in Taiwan, was complete in late 2012. Sit in the heart of the busy commercial district on Zhongshan North Road, Taipei City, the 12-storey, stone-facade building with the elegant interior design is a modern architecture engineered to meet the most stringent standards in engineering, green sustainability, and safety.

Looking to house thousands of staff employees while integrating corporate resources all under one roof, Taiwan Life Insurance needed to employ a video surveillance solution that fulfills its highest requirements for securing the building's overall safety. The insurer wanted both quality and reliability to ensure a safe and secure environment for everyone working and paying visits at the venue.

Several system integrators competed for the tender, and eventually Siemens came through based on the Messoa video surveillance solution with the leading specifications and imaging performance. In early 2013, a total of just over 100 Messoa CCTV cameras were deployed, covering the capacious 30,000sqm of gross floor space of the building.

Among them, a dozen of speed dome cameras were installed on the exterior of the building to secure the perimeters; thirty some pieces of IR bullet cameras were mounted at security-concerning areas, overlooking the lobby, and key access points where adverse lighting is present; and the rest were indoor IR dome cameras, which were used for discreet monitoring of elevators, hallways, and staircases on each floor.

Built in with Sony CCD and top-tier components, all three models deployed in this project deliver up to 700TVL high quality images that are positive for identification and video analysis in case of any incidence. The camera sensitivity and image processing capability are further improved by the proprietary Lumii Technology to deliver sharper and crisper images under all lighting conditions at all times regardless of the locations the cameras are installed.

Both the dome and the IR dome are fitted with varifocal lenses, which offer maximum flexibility in installation such that the security system can be easily adapted to various environments and be operated without any difficulty. The lean, compact size of dome made the cameras discreet and unobtrusive, which goes rather well with the building's classy interior design.

The inspection team from Taiwan Life Insurance expressed their satisfaction after they had run a complete test on the system. They paid extra attention to the cameras' performance, including the PTZ  functions, as well as live view and playback video of all critical monitored scenes inside the building. Everything they saw on the monitor turned out clear, even where places that may be poor lit. The team was confident that the safety of its brand new headquarters can be well assured.

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