Ukrainian police cruisers are now equipped with robust crime-fighting tools

Ukrainian police cruisers are now equipped with robust crime-fighting tools

The Ukrainian State Traffic Inspectorate (STI) was established on April 14, 1977 as a branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Its mission is to oversee traffic and related law enforcement, as well as guarantee safety on Ukrainian roads, with a diverse set of responsibilities ranging from the location of stolen cars to accident prevention measures and traffic inspections. EverFocus Electronics' mobile solution was installed on all STI patrol cars to meet their event recording requirements.

The liberalization of the Ukrainian economy in the late 90s was accompanied by a marked increase in personal vehicle ownership, with corresponding rise in accidents and road crimes. In order to cope with increasing incidents and maintain public safety, the STI embarked on a long process of modernization and innovation, a process that continues to this day.

As part of this program, the STI has chosen to equip each patrol vehicle with a surveillance system, consisting of dual EMW330 vandal-resistant IR outdoor mobile cameras, an EMV400 mobile DVR and EN220 LCDs for review, in order to better document incidents and record event data, including information related to crashes or accidents.

The mobile, outdoor nature of the installation necessitated the use of products designed specifically for this type of application. EverFocus, in collaboration with local distributor OPTA in Kyiv, was able to provide the perfect solution. The solution pairs the EverFocus EMW330 – with dual-position lenses, 50-foot IR LEDs, internal heater and streamlined IP67-rated wedge form factor – to the shock-resistant, heat/cold-tolerant EMV400 to provide the robust, all-weather, mobile video and data recording capabilities that were demanded by the STI.

This advanced setup will assist the STI greatly in gathering and presenting evidence. EverFocus is proud to provide a solution that not only serves as an event data recorder but also acts as an effective behavior corrector, gathering evidence used to resolve citizen disputes, deter false complaints against officers, hold officers accountable for their actions, and ultimately help the STI keep the roadways of Ukraine safe in a professional manner.

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