Ukrainian host city of Euro 2012 champions world-class security deployment

Ukrainian host city of Euro 2012 champions world-class security deployment

Safety Donetsk, an infrastructure enhancement program initiated by the municipal government of Donetsk, Ukraine to strengthen the city's security measures, took place in 2012, and the related surveillance upgrade has supported the local police's efforts in the constant fight against crime and enhanced their efficiency. VIVOTEK's solution, with high-quality video and system performance, was chosen for the program. Right after the program implementation, Euro 2012 was held in the city. Organized by the Union of European Football Associations, UEFA Euro is a highly anticipated soccer event watched by millions globally, and the championship is hosted by different European cities every four years. Ukraine and Poland were the host countries for UEFA Euro 2012. Hundreds of thousands of visitors and fans from around the world flocked to Ukraine, and high-quality security measures were needed to ensure public safety and order. The Safety Donetsk program, with VIVOTEK's involvement, provided just the protection that the visitors to and people in the city needed.

For this project, Konus Ukraine, VIVOTEK's local distributor, worked closely with the Donetsk municipal government, implementing a centrally managed surveillance system consisting of VIVOTEK's megapixel cameras. In the end, a total of 315 VIVOTEK network cameras were installed — 288 IP8332 cameras for parks and streets, 5 SD8362E cameras for parks, and 22 FD8134 cameras for museums.

In and Out
The IP8332 is a 1-megapixel bullet camera specifically designed for outdoor surveillance applications. For this project, it was chosen to monitor the parks and streets of Donetsk. With an IP66-rated weatherproof housing, built-in IR-cut filter and IR illuminators effective at up to 15 meters, the IP8332 is able to capture high-quality video around the clock. In addition, the IP8332 supports H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG compression formats, and is able to simultaneously transmit multiple streams in any of these formats at different resolutions, frame rates and image qualities. Depending on particular bandwidth constraints or monitoring needs, the streams can be individually configured. Equipped with tamper detection, 802.3af-compliant PoE and VIVOTEK's complimentary 32-channel recording software, the IP8332 is the perfect camera choice for securing public outdoor areas, such as the project in Donetsk.

For parks, aside from the IP8332, VIVOTEK's SD8362E cameras were also installed. The SD8362E, a 2-megapixel camera with a 20x zoom lens, is not only able to deliver superb image quality, but also able to capture sharp detail even from a considerable distance. Also, its IP66-rated housing and a wide operating temperature range of -40 to 55°C make the camera an ideal choice for outdoor monitoring.

In order to more comprehensively secure the city, surveillance was also introduced to certain indoor locations, such as museums that were most likely to be crowded with visitors. The FD8134, a camera specifically designed for indoor security applications, was selected for these locations. Equipped with a 1-megapixel sensor that delivers a viewing resolution of 1280x800 at 30 fps, real-time H.264/MPEG-4/M-JPEG compression, a removable IR-cut filter and built-in IR illuminators, the camera can reduce bandwidth consumption and save on storage while delivering high-quality, exceptionally clear video around the clock.

Vladimir Semibratskij, PM at Konus Ukraine, remarked: “Thanks to VIVOTEK's network cameras, in 2012, 200 criminal incidents—including 7 hijackings—were monitored and revealed. Footage was captured of 45 drivers who left the scene of accidents they had caused. Recorded video even helped parents find their lost children during the games of EURO 2012 held at Donbass Arena. VIVOTEK's surveillance system made it possible to discover crimes and safeguard the people and facilities in the city.”

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