A mission with a vision

A mission with a vision

The Hajj Organization in Tehran, Iran has been organizing the Hajj Mission since 1991, providing services to Hujjaj, who are Muslim pilgrims from Iran, with the aim of promoting Hajj and serving Hujjaj by facilitating and organizing all aspects of Hajj. With its pivotal role and sizable scale in Iran, the organization requires high-security surveillance to ensure the overall safety of the Hujjaj and the daily operation of the Hajj Mission. The manager of the organization decided to install several IP cameras, and VIVOTEK cameras, with excellent quality at a reasonable cost, became the organization's first choice.

Pooya Fara Negar, VIVOTEK's distributor in Iran, provided the professional consultation and design. A total of 178 cameras were installed indoors and outdoors. Outdoor areas are covered by 11 SD8323E, 12 IP7361 and 53 IP8362 cameras, while 73 FD8161 and 27 FD8162 cameras were installed indoors. Two IP8162P cameras were installed in the official area.

The SD8323E, a network speed dome with several superior features — such as the ability to capture clear video even in environments with high-contrast lighting conditions, a weather-proof IP66-rated housing, and 360° continuous pan and 90° tilt — is an ideal camera for monitoring open indoor/outdoor spaces. Equipped with a powerful 36x zoom lens and WDR technology, the camera is also able to capture sharp images at a great distance even under challenging lighting conditions. The SD8362E was thus installed outside of the organization for monitoring the grand square in front of the building.

Bullet cameras IP7361 and IP8362, with 2-megapixel resolution, weather-proof IP67-rated housings, removable IR-cut filters and IR illuminators for superior image quality around the clock, were chosen for a wide range of outdoor applications. The IP7361 was installed in the outdoor corridor, while the IP8362 was chosen to monitor the parking lot, taking advantage of its WDR enhancements, which allow users to identify image details in extremely bright as well as dark environments.

For monitoring the building halls, the FD8161 and FD8162 were used. Featuring a 2-megapixel sensor and ePTZ functionality, these cameras are able to provide extremely wide coverage with the finest details and enable users to focus on close-up shots of different areas. Moreover, the FD8162, which also incorporates WDR capability, is able to capture clear footage even when both bright and dark areas are present in the same field of view.

As for the official area, the IP8162P — a 2-megapixel camera with several advanced features like a P-iris lens, built-in Focus Assist button for precise focus adjustment, WDR Enhanced technology for an unparalleled ability to capture detail in extremely bright and dark environments — is able to monitor a much more comprehensive area than can a standard VGA camera, allowing users to fully enjoy the HD video.

Sacred, Secured
Access to all of these cameras is via a private Intranet. VIVOTEK's stand-alone NVR enables the Hajj Organization to record, monitor and manage video data simultaneously through the Internet. Both live video feeds and recorded video footage are centrally managed.

William Ku, VP of International Business at VIVOTEK, stated: “We are so glad to have the chance to enhance the security of the Hajj Organization. I believe that VIVOTEK cameras with their superior quality are able to meet the client's needs by providing clear footage and accurate event tracking around the place. Also, the Hajj Organization can monitor the status of all cameras and storage in real time and manage videos in a centralized way. We are expecting to provide more security support to the Hajj Organization in the future.”

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