Chinese city keeps streets under watchful network of 30,000 eyes

Chinese city keeps streets under watchful network of 30,000 eyes

Guilin, a municipality in northeast China, is expanding its large network of more than 8,000 existing cameras known as “Sky Net” to 30,000 cameras within one year. The city deployed Axis Communications fixed network cameras with low light sensitivity primarily for capturing images of license plates on dark streets, and city surveillance in alleys and areas with poor lighting conditions. Value-added distributor Beijing Xiaotong supplied the cameras for the project, while Network Science & Technology, a Guilin optic fiber manufacturer, provided fiber optics for the network.


According to the Guilin Police Bureau's “Social Management Video Surveillance System Construction Program 2012” Guilin police program, Guilin municipality planned to complete a network compromising of 23,000 video surveillance points in 2012, and build supporting infrastructures that consist of a video transmission network and a surveillance system platform, achieving interoperability, intermodulation and mutual control. The network is used to classify image data from sources, such as criminal cases, public security cases, traffic violations, city management violations and others to provide reliable image data that can be used to strengthen the integrated management of the city, to prevent and solve crime, and to manage unexpected disasters.


Each camera will have a range radius of 300 to 400 meters, with a 360-degree ring-shaped rotation. Video surveillance equipment is installed at traffic arteries, public security access points, public gathering locations, hotels, schools, hospitals and places with potential security threats. The fixed network cameras is mainly employed in locations with existing cameras, and where there is high incidence of unsolved cases committed in poor light conditions at night, including remote areas of the city and at the city fringes. The camera is able to effectively differentiate pedestrian body shapes, and the style and color of clothing, without the need for extra lighting. “This will provide more clues for night-time criminal investigation work, “ said Liang Gong, Guilin Municipal Public Security Bureau.


In addition, the camera's WDR has a glare suppression effect that can successfully suppress strong train headlights, and enable license plates of passing vehicles to be captured in real-time, laying the foundation for critical images of license plates meant for subsequent retrieval and accurate determination of suspect vehicles.


Axis' front-end products are able to seamlessly access the existing Keda security platform of Guilin's Public Security Bureau. The system is compatible with the original analog system, and the implementation of the “Sky Net” project has played an important role in the social security of Guilin. The police have relied on it to successfully solve more than 1,500 various cases.



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