Texan AA Center stadium goes green and wireless

Texan AA Center stadium goes green and wireless

American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas has deployed a solar-powered wireless surveillance solution from MicroPower Technologies to help monitor its parking lot and perimeters. The center is host to the Dallas Stars hockey team, Dallas Mavericks basketball team and countless entertainment events, and a major sports and entertainment venue in the U.S. Systems integrator Global Security Integration (GSI) worked with the center and recommended the wireless surveillance solution met the center's requirements. “For us as an integrator, MicroPower's unique wireless approach opens up a variety of new market opportunities with customers looking to monitor large expanses of land, such as parking areas, schools and critical infrastructure sites,” said Rick Matoy, CEO of GSI.

Joe Heinlein, IT Director, American Airlines Center, sought a surveillance solution to monitor 13 access points within the facility's surrounding parking lots. The security solution had to offer better visibility of parking lots, and compare vehicle counts with parking venues, as there were possible cash parking collection issues, and the center was blind to the numerous transactions at remote locations, said Brian Bowen, VP of Finance for American Airlines Center.

In addition, the cameras had to be placed in directly critical points and transmit real-time video back to a central monitoring location. Cabling was cost-prohibitive, since some of the parking lots were located about 402 meters (quarter mile) away from the center, explained Heinlein.

“Since the MicroPower solution has been in place, the cameras have exposed and changed employee behavior, and cash collections have increased,” said Bowen. “The MicroPower system provides an immediate and significant ROI for the American Airlines Center.” It has also provided cost-effective means to move cameras as the center's parking situation changes.

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