Polish stadium offers secure lifestyle

Polish stadium offers secure lifestyle

MOSRiR, a facility management of sports venues in Szczecin, Poland deployed an IP-based video surveillance system to monitor the Florian Krygier Municipal Stadium in September 2012. Local installer mvb installed the system consisting of Axis Communications high speed domes with 360 degrees pan capacity and fixed cameras equipped with directional microphones and supervisory, registration and protection position. New infrastructure was built to accommodate the installation of cameras.

The video surveillance covers all points of the stadium from the ticket counters to the gate doors, roads for emergency services, evacuation routes, parking areas, and seating sections for the fans up to the pitch itself. The sports venue also covers sports clubs and associations, physical culture, tourism organizations.

Axis was chosen for its stable and open platform and scalability, said Maciej Arndt, Technical Director for mvb. The installation of the cameras has allowed the stadium management to observe areas in real-time, and archive audio and video recordings, said Waldemar Gill, Director of Szczecin, MOSRiR. In addition, the cameras meet the revised technical requirements for the organization of mass events, which is currently regulated by the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.

The system gives a professional support tool not only to MOSRiR employees but also to police and law enforcement officials. Safety of visitors depends on the continuous monitoring of critical areas. Moreover, if the operator detects a suspicious incident, they can immediately inform the police which significantly helps prevents incidents from occurring and allows quick response.

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