Mississippi police fight crime with mobile ALPR

Mississippi police fight crime with mobile ALPR

The Jackson police department in Mississippi is deploying Genetec's ALPR solution to help officers identify criminals and scofflaws. The city police have been using the Genetec solution since 2011, and equipped several vehicles with the mobile ALPR system, running on a ruggedized laptop, to ensure there is an officer in each precinct, patrolling and utilizing the technology to scan their area at all times. On the body of each car are two small IP cameras, specifically designed for mobile applications.

Even in bad weather, at poor angles and at high speeds, the solution can automatically collect vehicle license plates, run them against a computerized “hot list,” and if there is a match, alert officers in charge of issues and infractions. The in-vehicle application helps officers review all data collected throughout the day while the officers back at the central department unit can monitor and analyze reads from the vehicles. Wirelessly, or at the end of a shift, all data collected is synchronized with the police department's central system for ongoing analysis.

The ALPR-enabled cruisers were originally tasked with locating motorists with multiple unpaid violations, which have helped return investments on the system. In addition, with the National Crime Information Center and warrant hot list, the police have been able to identify, arrest and convict people wanted for other crimes, explained Eric Wall, Deputy Chief of Patrol Operations. More recently, the police were able to scan cars coming into major retail centers and apprehend wanted felons before they could get into the stores.

Because it is uniquely located at the intersection of Interstate 55 and Interstate 20, Jackson is strategically significant in anti-drug trafficking programs. A few months ago, during a routine patrol, the ALPR system flagged vehicles of wanted narcotics dealers, which led to their arrests. Based on their successes, the police department is planning to increase the number of vehicles to adopt the Genetec solution to support the narcotics and K9 divisions.

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