Keeping an eye on Southern California sights

Keeping an eye on Southern California sights

The US branch of IP video specialist LILIN partnered with local integrator and installer Controlled Key Systems (CKS) to provide an HD video solution on the historical Salvation Army headquarters building in Downtown Long Beach. CKS is a licensed lock and security equipment contractor specializing in the integration, installation and servicing of safes, master key and key control, access control, architectural hardware and video surveillance systems. CKS has focused on the commercial, industrial and asset management sectors since 1983.

The project takes place at a prime location overlooking several city landmarks. CKS strategically positioned a 3-megapixel, 60-meter IPR7334SX5 IR camera overlooking the Long Beach harbor, where the Queen Mary is docked, providing a live video feed for local news stations to pipe into and display for their weather segments and live area views. The company also installed a 1.3-megapixel IPS6224 PTZ camera next to the 3-megapixel one, as pictured, to provide an overview of the harbor and a tour sequence of several local attractions, including the Long Beach Grand Prix track, the Queen Mary, Terminal Island, the Vincent Thomas Bridge, and, on clear days, Catalina Island.

Robert Melendez, LILIN's Regional Sales Manager for the U.S. in charge of the project, is pleased with how the cameras are performing and looks forward to other projects with partners like CKS. "The view from the cameras is remarkably clear. We are truly honored to be part of the city's skyline and have provided a solution for a reputable organization like the Salvation Army. We are receiving nothing but positive feedback from this joint venture, and know that this is not the end to the partnership," Melendez boasted.

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