China Art Palace covers 167K sqm of ground with smarts

China Art Palace covers 167K sqm of ground with smarts

China Art Palace, the former China Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo 2010, spans across 64,000 square meters with 27 exhibition halls. The art museum decided to upgrade its surveillance system to enhance the level of security and ensure efficient and orderly operations. The surveillance scope includes the 27 halls and library, covering a total area of 167,000 square meters.

The museum is under 24/7 video surveillance, and key exhibition areas require VCA to fulfill functions such as people counting, and Aimetis' solution was chosen for people counting during the day, and functions as a virtual tripwire at night that sends out an alarm if intruders are detected. The software also covers real-time viewing, video recording, playback, digital mapping and other video management functions.

The new surveillance system employs a system of distributed surveillance and centralized management, and is made up of 1,300 channels, including 600 existing analog cameras and 700 new IP cameras. Different Axis Communications IP cameras were selected according to the museum's requirements. HD cameras and cameras with low-light capability are deployed around the perimeter; WDR cameras are deployed at exits and entrances; and IP cameras with both panoramic and PTZ functions are at large exhibition areas. The system is built on an existing dedicated network architecture, and video data is transmitted to the surveillance center, allowing centralized surveillance and management. The HD cameras are connected directly to the access layer switch that is equipped with PoE, while the analog cameras are connected to the new system via Axis' video encoders.

The entire network, access server, convergence layer, central access equipment, server interface, server cluster and storage are designed with redundancy, to ensure that a single point of failure will not lead to a loss of function over large areas.

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