Dutch soccer stadium upgrades video management system

Dutch soccer stadium upgrades video management system
The stadium that is home to The Hague-based soccer club ADO Den Haag was completed in mid-2007 and is equipped with a lot of security technology. The total cost for the construction of the stadium, which has a capacity of 15,000 seats, was $67.5 million. Out of this sum, $4 million was allocated for security measures.
As almost every soccer stadium in the Netherlands faces the issue of hooliganism, ADO Den Haag is striving to combat the problem using a CCTV system. The aim is to use a process of observation, identification and subsequent action to make soccer matches accessible to anyone and everyone who enjoys the sport. The focus is on good service, a friendly approach, and eliminating hooliganism.
The stadium is fitted with around 100 IP cameras, which are carefully positioned to provide a good overview of what is happening on match days. The cameras installed included 80 Dinion IP cameras, 7 26x zoom PTZ dome cameras as well as 12 high-resolution cameras. A Bosch VMS transmits images to a video wall made up of 8 32-inch monitors and 4 workstations that house a total of 8 22-inch monitors. The entire system is anchored firmly on IP technology, which brings with it the considerable advantage of flexibility.
The cameras and workstations are easily selected and all the data is available in digital format. The images are taken using network video recording, which allows recording of up to 10 hours of footage in DVD quality. As ADO Den Haag needs to record the entire 5-hour match-day period (footage from before, during and after the match) and uses the highest resolution (4CIF) and the fastest possible frame rate of 25 images per second, each match generates 5 terrabytes of data.
For ADO Den Haag, the purpose of the CCTV system is to observe, recognize and identify. The images are relayed to the control room, where they are shown on the video wall for the people who are actually in charge of the technology: ADO Den Haag's safety coordinator, the police chief, and the support services. The system provides this team with a complete overview of what is going on in the stadium, and they can also zoom in on specific situations in order to discuss what measures should be taken. The system captures everything that goes on during a match and the footage can be played back at a later time. With the feedback provided by the system and the recorded images, ADO Den Haag is ideally prepared for taking action.
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