Euro 2012 in Ukraine, triple venues, triple the security

Euro 2012 in Ukraine, triple venues, triple the security
The operators of the Ukrainian venues of Kiev (Olympic Stadium), Kharkiv (Metalist Stadium) and Lviv (Arena Lviv) set fan security and safety as their top priority for the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (commonly referred to as the Euro 2012). To make up for the UEFA's limits on law enforcement involvement, the organizers had to look for innovative and cost-effective technologies and solutions. Data Link, the main security systems integrator, was responsible for designing, installing, integrating and configuring the security systems for these large venues. For easier security management and quicker response coordination, the venue administrators decided on a network-based approach and looked to Axxonsoft, Basler and LILIN to get the job done.
LILIN's IP product line, iMegaPro, was chosen for its remote control capabilities and 360-degree pan with optical and digital zoom features. These premium features were accentuated with the high-quality video and maximum zoom of Basler's 5-megapixel IP cameras. The cameras were under the command and control of Axxonsoft's Axxon Intellect, minimizing human negligence and optimizing event response. “The project was indeed remarkable, for the rather rigid deadlines and limited budget,” said Dmitry Danilchenko, Director of Data Link. “The organizers of the Euro 2012 managed to opt for the best possible — namely Basler, LILIN and Axxonsoft — under the circumstances and project restraints. We are very proud to have created such a state-of-the-art security system: the best hardware operated by the best software. It is our belief that Ukraine will soon catch up with other parts of Europe, as it strives to develop truly safe cities and implement advanced security systems.”
A true witness to the European Football Championship success, LILIN and its Euro 2012 installations have proved the brand's worth and the reliability of its solutions and partners. The triple play by Axxonsoft, Basler and LILIN in Ukraine not only watched over the often overzealous soccer fans, but paved the way for future collaborations with the best of the best in the industry.

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