Honeywell Security: Driving Growth in Challenging Times

Honeywell Security: Driving Growth in Challenging Times

Knowledge is paramount, especially in increasingly connected, integrated building and security environments. “For the last 2.5 years, we've been trying to get closer to consultants and specifiers, to help them gain the necessary knowledge in a structured way,” said Daniel Wan, UK Channel Marketing Leader, Honeywell Security. “It's a culmination of our decades of experience; we are able to deliver the needed level of training and service to our target consultants and specifiers while they remain independent.”

Security consultants can be different, added Tony Makosinski, Head of Marketing for the U.K. and Ireland. “They need detailed, tailored information so that their integrators and end users can get the needed reassurance.” The fact that Honeywell has a myriad of solutions across the board does help. “It's not just about price; security of supply and quality of service count even more,” Wan said.

Evening Out Peaks & Troughs
The London Olympics provided the much needed impetus after the 2009 recession. But, what about after the big Games? “Some city revitalization projects will come out of London and southeast England, such as tube stations and shopping centers,” Makosinski said. “We're also seeing growth in residential burglar alarm products, due to higher crime rates.” Honeywell is also offering platforms to help its dealers and integrators sustain recurring monthly revenues, Wan added. “Mirroring what has spiked demand in the IT market, we now provide DVR-like cloud storage with user-friendly interfaces, making it easy for our partners to sell monthly plans rather than big, initial investments.”

Storing and managing on the cloud has also helped further green initiatives. System checks and maintenance are done automatically. “If there's something wrong, an email will also be generated and sent to the responsible technician automatically,” Makosinski said. For certain legally mandated system checks and tests, the cloud saves the trouble of emptying out the entire building during such procedures. Wan also pointed out the benefits of head count savings and shorter time to market.

“IP is great and is the future, but we are not abandoning our analog installed base and installers,” Wan stressed. “They are nervous, but we help them avoid pitfalls and give them the foundation to speak to IT managers confidently.” The importance of commercial training was also highlighted. “Helping our partners realize different business models and how to sell ultimately pays off for us,” Wan explained. Eventually, US certified dealer programs shall be brought to Europe and the U.K.

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