Security giants preview 2013 (Part 2)

Security giants preview 2013 (Part 2)

Everything about 2013 seems uncertain. a&s asks how industry heavyweights see the year will unfold.






More Practical Buyers
Carmen Lahr, Communications Director for Geutebruck

I think solution providers and end users are getting more realistic. Less attention is paid to marketing hype in megapixels and video analytics. The focus is more on solving problems with affordable solutions. As the market becomes more mature, buyers learn know how to evaluate products from a more realistic and more technical point of view.

At Geutebruck, we see a big trend toward user friendliness and simplicity of operation. This has been a significant part of our ongoing effort. Additionally, mobile devices are increasingly used, bringing new requirements and opportunities for manufacturers; we will include appropriate features for specific solutions when required.

IT Managers Become Decision Makers
Erica Meijer, Marketing Department, Nedap Security Management

We have observed the trend that many companies with IT and security systems are starting to integrate physical security into their IT systems. Now, not only security officers stay in charge of the security systems, but the IT managers are also very important decision makers.


Practical and Affordable Solutions
Gary Rowden, Sales and Marketing Director for Europe, Samsung Techwin

During 2010 and 2011, Samsung Techwin introduced approximately 200 new products. Many of the products introduced were part of our network range. There will, however, be a lower number of new products launched over the coming months. Having said that, we will not hesitate to introduce updated products as and when new technology becomes available or when we identify a gap in the market. A good example of this is the recent introduction of the seven new models in our “affordable” HD network camera series. Until now, the relatively high price of HD cameras has prohibited their use for the vast majority of projects, and feedback from the marketplace told us that customers were reluctant to pay for features that they may never need. We have, therefore, produced some cost-effective cameras and domes specifically to overcome this issue in that they incorporate most of the important features associated with HD technology, but at an affordable price level.

Holistic Security Intelligence
Debjit Das, VP of Global Marketing for Video Intelligence Solutions, Verint Systems

This industry trend continues and is getting stronger because large organizations are increasingly looking for solutions that can provide them holistic security intelligence leveraging the “big data” captured across all their systems — security and nonsecurity. Customers expect next-generation video and situational intelligence solutions to fulfill their needs — one that provides them with the actionable intelligence they need to identify, respond and manage incidents faster and more efficiently by leveraging information across all their systems, not just video. Moreover, customers are looking to harness the visual data captured by their video solutions to provide them the untapped business intelligence that has so far been either unavailable or was very resource-intensive to obtain.

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