Oregon Green Shuttle Service Provider Adopts Mobile Security from Integrator VideoSurveillance.com

Oregon Green Shuttle Service Provider Adopts Mobile Security from Integrator VideoSurveillance.com

Lewis and Clark College, a prestigious university located in Portland, OR, requires its fleet of transportation providers to install IP cameras in their vehicles to minimize liability and keep college students safe. ecoShuttle, one of Lewis and Clark College's transportation providers, knew that in order to maintain its business partnership, it would need to install a high-quality IP video surveillance system in two of its buses. The company operates with vehicles powered by 100 percent biodiesel to meet the evolving needs of the travel industry as well as the environmentally-friendly lifestyles of its customers.

ecoShuttle immediately got in touch with VideoSurveillance.com to create a mobile video security system that would effectively monitor and record the students inside of two buses. VideoSurveillance.com took on the challenge of building a custom system that was durable enough to withstand the ever-changing movement of ecoShuttle's buses. The finished IP surveillance system was not only cost-effective for the client, but was also tailored to the needs of each bus. A fisheye lens with vandal-proof housing included in the security system would be key to overseeing the entire bus. The 3-megapixel camera and its 360-degree view was exactly what co-owner William Sampson had in mind.

Instead of purchasing multiple IP cameras to monitor the students, co-owner William Sampson felt his company would benefit most by investing in the fisheye lens IP camera proposed by VideoSurveillance.com. “What sparked my interest is to use just one camera instead of three or four,” he said. The 360-degree lens stood out thanks to its ability to cover all angles of the bus with no moving parts. On top of that, the sophisticated camera's 3MP resolution was able to produce extremely clear images and catch pertinent details in each scene.

The hemispheric camera also came equipped with pan, span, tilt and zoom (PTZ) functionality that could be controlled manually or automatically. The PTZ functionality was a critical component of the camera. Together, the fisheye lens and its PTZ functionality would equate to using several cameras at once. Sampson was confident about the camera's performance features as well as impressed by the recording and playback software incorporated in the system. The co-owner of ecoShuttle was incredibly pleased once VideoSurveillance.com installed the system. “It is simple and easy to use…I can't wait to play around with it more.”

Another feature that appealed to Sampson was the camera's built-in two-way audio function, which would be helpful in the future lest an incident needed to be reported. “The audio is pretty clean, even with 60 people talking,” Sampson remarked. He was extremely grateful towards VideoSurveillance.com's customer support team who worked one-on-one with Sampson to ensure he was able to operate the camera on his own and leverage its built-in intelligence. Once the wall-mounted camera was up and running, Sampson expressed his gratitude to the VideoSurveillance.com team. “VideoSurveillance.com has been absolutely great,” he said.

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