Hunt Provides HD DVR

Hunt Provides HD DVR

Hunt Electronic with more than 20 years experience in surveillance industry, newly develops and launches next generation multiplex DVR, PRO Series: HDR-04RD PRO & HDR-08RD PRO. Which fulfill your requirement for clear image by D1(720X480) recording resolution.

Besides hi-definition video quality, new generation PRO series DVR also provide multiple recoding modes that ensure the data be precisely and correctly recorded. It is particularly worth mentioning that new feature of “Pre-Alarm Recording”. When alarm triggered, besides alarm recording, the “Pre-alarm recording” feature will recall and record specific period before the trigger point according to user's setup.

The core spirit of surveillance lies on security, the storage device in recorder demands even stricter secure standard. The “HDD S.M.A.R.T.” function in PRO Series DVR will automatically generate alarm while damaged partition in HDD is detected; It also protect recording data from damaging by detecting HDD's temperature. Once the HDD is overheated, alarm also automatically generated for countermeasure be taken.

The PRO Series DVR also supports Mobile surveillance, which enable user to view the video on mobile phone via network. The function supports mobile phones with Symbian, WinCE OS, but also work on iPhone, Blackberry, and Android OS.

PRO Series DVR provides varieties of data backup; In addition to record in HDD, backup by USB driver, users can also backup video data from IE browser, and free bundle 36ch CMS, HVM-36IA also offer function to record from remote site. Furthermore, PRO DVR is capable of recording parameter setup by each channel, and featured functions such as image Privacy Mask, DVR Log to manage log in authorization.

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