American Retirement Communities and Services Protect Residents With Mobotix Cameras

American Retirement Communities and Services Protect Residents With Mobotix Cameras

MOBOTIX announced that National Lutheran Communities & Services (NLCS) has deployed 37 MOBOTIX cameras at the Village at Rockville to deter crime and ensure safety without sacrificing resident independence.

NLCS installed the cameras, managed by MxControlCenter, to monitor high-traffic areas including entrances, exits and hallways. Three cameras are configured for facial recognition to ‘buzz in' residents and visitors while keeping unwanted guests out. Several D12 cameras deliver night/day functionality to allow NLCS to monitor outdoor activity and use PTZ capability to see specific areas when needed.

NLCS chose to deploy a MOBOTIX system due to the cost efficiencies delivered by its decentralized approach to surveillance technology. With this unique concept, each camera incorporates a high-speed computer and internal flash memory card to enable all recording and storage to occur within the camera, reducing the need for a separate PC or DVR. The addition of MxControlCenter, a professional video management software package that connects any number of cameras at any location with centralized or local user-based operation and evaluation, was also deemed to be an ROI enhancer as it is included free-of-charge.

The MOBOTIX system has become a valuable tool for the retirement community, which prides itself on being on the cutting edge of technology. It enables the village to incorporate a workout facility, a luxury many residents had lobbied for but NLCS couldn't provide due to liability concerns.

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