Qatar Bank Combats Fraud and Enhances Security With March Networks Solution

Qatar Bank Combats Fraud and Enhances Security With March Networks Solution

March Networks announced that one of Qatar's largest financial institutions has standardized on the company's integrated video surveillance and software applications to significantly reduce losses from fraud and other crime. The financial institution will use the solution to proactively detect fraudulent activity, including ATM skimming and cash harvesting, at its ATMs and banking branches nationwide. The solution also enables the bank to exceed government-mandated requirements recently introduced to strengthen video surveillance standards in the Qatari banking sector.

The solution provides the bank with efficient, centralized video management, and exceptional reliability already proven in more than 450 March Networks banking installations worldwide. Combined with integrated Searchlight applications, it triples the bank's investigation capabilities, resulting in a quantifiable return on investment.

The Financial Transaction Investigation application correlates video and ATM/teller transaction data to speed investigations and streamline case management. Skimming Detection automatically alerts staff to suspicious activity at ATMs, and enables fraud investigators to quickly review and gather critical case evidence using associated video, transaction data, color analysis and facial images. A third application, which captures and synchronizes license plate data, is also available to further strengthen investigations.

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