Dahua Network Cameras Integrated with Genetec Software Management

Dahua Network Cameras Integrated with Genetec Software Management

Zhejiang Dahua Technology has officially announced the establishment of partnership with Genetec in April — Dahua's full range of IP cameras have been successfully integrated with Genetec Software Management.

Dahua's network cameras deliver superb image quality at H.264/MJPEG video codec by adopting image sensors of various sizes and advanced TI (Texas Instruments) DaVinci DSP. The IP cameras support dual-stream encoding, which ensures that video streams can be separately transmitted for different purposes at various demands. The supported SD card also removes the inconvenience incurred by internet interruption. In addition, the customized functions as dual power supply, PoE, Wi-Fi, and etc. are developed to tailor customers ‘needs as well.

The cooperation and integration with Genetec render our costumers with even more possibilities in terms of multiple solutions, such as city-wide surveillance, education, gaming, government, law enforcement, parking enforcement, retail, and transportation.

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