Orange County Government Deploys NextDetect Intelligent Analytics to Enhance Public Safety

Next Level Security Systems, a developer of a new breed of unified, networked security solutions, announced Orange County, Fla., has deployed NextDetect, a next-generation analytic engine with robust facial recognition capabilities, to increase public safety and improve municipal operations for area residents, employees and visitors. Orange County, which deployed the NLSS Gateway and Next Level RMS in 2011, is piloting the use of NextDetect at multiple locations.

Orange County, Fla., is a dynamic region with more than 1.2-million residents and a renowned tourist destination that is home to Walt Disney World Resorts, Universal Studios Orlando, Sea World and the Orange County Convention Center. It leverages a significant amount of cameras to maintain a high-level of safety and streamline communications across its infrastructure. With an extensive surveillance network installed across hundreds of county facilities, captured video footage has been mostly valuable for forensic purposes. With the addition of NextDetect, Orange County transforms its video into proactive surveillance.

NextDetect is an add-on service that works with the NLSS Gateway, a unified security management platform that integrates IP video management, IP access control, video analytics and intrusion detection, into one platform. The robust face capture and detection features integrated into the Gateway uses distributed processing at the appliance level and in the cloud with Next Level Remote Management Services. This unique approach allows the system to search for known individuals across multiple cameras and unified security platforms. Once an image is stored in the system, it will search for matches against captured faces and notify users through alerts (email or mobile) that a match is confirmed.

“The architecture of the system works perfectly for this type of application since the processing is distributed to the Gateways and fed from the cloud,” said Peter Jankowski, Chairman and President, Next Level Security Systems. “From a user perspective, NextDetect is like having an extra set of eyes available to review video to allow users, such as Orange County, to be more proactive with the video they are already capturing on a daily basis.”

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