Envysion and Sony Develop Video Analytic Solution for Retail Management

Envysion and Sony Electronics' Security Systems Divisionare teaming to offer retailers a new video analytics-based solution designed to gather store traffic data. This data helps retail managers increase sales conversion and to identify underperforming locations. An initial rollout of the new solution is already underway for a major, national retailer at some 60 locations.

This new retail solution is the latest collaboration between Sony and Envysion to provide business analytic tools for a range of commercial applications. Combining Envysion's best-in-class MVaaS technology with Sony's network camera DEPA (Distributed Enhanced Processing Architecture) analytic capabilities, retailers will be able to keep an accurate count of customers entering their stores and effectively leverage that data into actionable business intelligence. DEPA detects objects and generates metadata sent separately from the digital video stream. When this raw data is merged with POS and other store information in the Envysion application, retail managers gain an understanding of sales conversion rates across stores and instant visibility to the underlying drivers of conversion performance.

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