St. Petersburg Cathedral Deploys Axxonsoft Surveillance System

St. Petersburg Cathedral Deploys Axxonsoft Surveillance System

The St. Isaac's Cathedral, officially called the Cathedral of St. Isaac of Dalmatia, is the largest cathedral in St. Petersburg. It gave its name to the St. Isaac's Square on which it stands and currently has the status of a museum. As a site of a tremendous cultural significance which is visited by many people, the cathedral requires a reliable tool to oversee what is going on inside and around it.

The objectives of ARMO Petersburg, the installation company, included setting up a high resolution video archive that would store the archived video for crucial cameras for a long time, and providing the possibility to feed the video stream into the St. Petersburg Safety System, an automated computerized city-wide system. Connection to the city safety system is a must for all video surveillance systems being set up at socially significant facilities.

The St. Isaac's Cathedral video surveillance system helps protect Russia's cultural heritage and maintain public order at this popular tourist attraction, one of St. Petersburg's landmark sights.

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