Messoa Cameras Keep Taiwan Metro Safe

Messoa Cameras Keep Taiwan Metro Safe

Built and operated by the Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation (TRTC), the Taipei Metro system consists of 96 stations and 110.1 km of revenue track, carrying an average of over 1.66 million passengers per day. Since the operation began in 1996, the system is ranked one of the best in terms of reliability by Nova International Railway Benchmarking Group (Nova)/CoMET and has held the title for four straight years.

This brilliant track record was made possible by the state-of-the-art maintenance equipment operated by the Taipei Metro's maintenance team. Each worth more than 5 million US dollars, these track maintenance vehicles carry out track performance monitoring and various maintenance works, including rail grinding, vacuum cleaning, etc, throughout the entire system.

To enhance crew safety and maintenance quality, TRTC wanted to deploy an on-board video surveillance system on each vehicle. Since all the maintenance work takes place either in midnight or in the underground tunnel with little or no light at all, TRTC required a reliable solution that performs well in extremely low light conditions. After comparing several brands, TRTC selected MESSOA CCTV cameras for the project.

Two MESSOA IR bullet cameras were installed at both ends of the vehicles adjacent to the ground respectively to capture close-up images of the rail tracks. Video feeds were then directly sent to the driver's cabin, providing the driver and the other crew members on-board with real-time monitoring. The video could also be recorded for future playback.

Using MESSOA's proprietary imaging technology, the deployed cameras were able to perform exceptionally well in low light settings with enhanced camera sensitivity. The maintenance crew was impressed by how the captured images could be so clear even when there is nearly no light around. The real-time monitoring provides visual assistance that advantageously enables the crew to observe the rail condition while the vehicle is steadily moving along.

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