The NSR Revolution

Anson, an access control provider, brings fresh experience to integrate video, access control, intrusion alarms
and intercom with the Network Security Recorder — NSR.

The network security recorder (NSR) developed by Anson offer a new security-centric integrated system. The embedded NSR offers a solution to integrate video, access control, intrusion alarms as well as intercoms as a whole, allowing users to manage all security devices with just one standalone platform.

It adopts a double ARM operation system and supports eight-channel video and eight-channel alarm, four-group reader and lock inputs, as well as eight-channel door-contact inputs. Using H.264/MPEG-4, it records D1/CIF images. The product combines the functions of a DVR, access controller and alarm panel, enabling users to experience an integrated security solution.

Embedded with software, Anson's new offering integrates video monitoring and recording, access control, intercoms and alarms in one system. Operators can manage and control the system via LAN or WAN, or the bundled Network Security Management (NSM) software.

The integrated solution revolutionizes traditional security. By plugging into the NSR's standard connector, the system is able to connect DVRs, NVRs, access control systems, video door phones, alarms and other devices to meet security requirements. Any device that fails in operation will not affect the system.

Compared to traditional software integration, the NSR works with embedded processing with more stable operation for various functions such as audio and video recording, access management, alarm management, remote control, information query and network transmission.

In surveillance, the embedded solution can support four to eight cameras to deliver real-time video at 25 or 30 fps for each channel input. The recorded video can be played back simultaneously when needed.

At the access front, the product wo rk s t o mana ge a t t endanc e , supporting three-shift and multiple day attendance, overtime statistics, work times and arranged shifts by day or month.

In alarm management, equipped with eight-channel inputs and eightchannel outputs, the NSR can integrate with access control and video surveillance to establish a unified security environment. With an optional expansion board, its alarm output can be extended up to 12 channels and can support other exterior devices.

For communications, voice communication is supported through the Internet Explorer browser or NSM software. While in LAN or WAN, broadcasting or calling any security point is also available.

Other functions like Wi-Fi transmission, online patrol and IR remote control are integrated. One NSR alone works as a small security manager to secure one area. Multiple NSRs can also be deployed for large projects, to watch over more than one point remotely with greater stability and less cost.

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