Siqura Direct-to-Fiber IP PTZ Dome

The First Direct-to-Fiber IP PTZ Dome Camera
The Siqura high-speed dome (HSD) 626 IP PTZ camera now includes a flexible small form-factor pluggable (SFP) interface for directly connecting to a fiber optic network. This feature simplifies both the setup and maintenance of installations where a fiber network is utilized to overcome long-distance limitations.

Dome awarded best IP camera
The Siqura HSD626 IP PTZ dome camera was awarded best IP camera in video surveillance at the ISC West 2011 trade show by New Product Showcase (NPS). NPS selected the Siqura HSD626 IP PTZ camera due to its fiber optic connector option, the integration of the Siqura Camera Health Check, and its capability for quad-streaming. The HSD626 is part of Siqura's direct-to-fiber camera line, which consists of three cameras, each optimized for its application, with an indoor and two outdoor dome models.

A simplified network
A simple change from a standard RJ-45 to an SFP interface allows you to install this Siqura camera in any network environment. The SFP interface is built directly into the PTZ body, providing for an unlimited number of mounting options and eliminating the need for separate media converters, power supplies, and special brackets. Since the SFP interface supports any type of fiber network, including single-mode, multimode, and CWDM, it is easy to install new IP systems or upgrade legacy analog networks. The copper SFP module is hot-swappable, simplifying local set-up and system troubleshooting.

Safeguarding your system
Every year, hundreds of millions of dollars are spent on video surveillance equipment. Most of these purchases are preventative and once a system is set up, most expect it to work. Yet, despite high-tech surveillance systems receiving regular maintenance inspections, every system is at risk of failing at just the wrong time.

In an effort to combat potential pitfalls, Siqura incorporated two VCA components on a dedicated DSP into the HSD626: the Siqura Image Quality Monitor and the Siqura Tampering Detector. They offer the CCTV and video surveillance industry a solution that monitors every system's most failure-prone part, namely, the camera.

The Image Quality Monitor measures elements of the camera image and alerts operators within seconds of malfunction. Whether changes in lighting conditions require refocusing or the iris control gets stuck, the Image Quality Monitor initiates an alarm to ensure that you know almost immediately if something is amiss with a particular camera's picture.

Since cleaning or mechanical vibrations can reposition cameras and a lens can become contaminated by spiders, dust, or even unlawful behavior, the Tampering Detector compares the actual camera scene with the intended one and alerts you of any unexpected changes. Therefore, despite the normal wear and tear of everyday operation, users can rest assured that their video surveillance system is recording what it needs to, when it needs to.

A solution for every situation
The HSD626 is the next generation of the Siqura HD66 IP PTZ dome camera. In addition to the SFP connector, it also now contains a dedicated DSP with incorporated video analytics for monitoring image quality and the camera's position.

The HSD626 is capable of quad-streaming, supporting dual H.264 streams in addition to highly configurable MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and MJPEG. This flexibility in compression standards makes it easy for this Siqura camera to offer the best quality video while at the same time streamlining network performance.

The HSD626 comes with an easy-to-use, access-controlled, Web-based user interface. This allows users to configure or view video streams from a PC or even via handheld devices, such as the Siqura multifunction monitor.

It also complies with worldwide adopted standards making integration with third-party systems easy and the real-time PTZ coordinate data provides an interface for high end mapping and tracking applications. These interfaces have been tested and supported by leading VMS vendors.

Since surveillance conditions can vary widely even for just one camera, this IP PTZ camera includes a day/night (IR-cut filter) and backlight compensation as standard features that can be applied manually or automatically when lighting conditions require it. The wide dynamic range functionality ensures excellent video quality, even in the most difficult circumstances.

Siqura surveillance solutions
Additionally, the Siqura HSD626 is part of the Siqura product line, an extensive collection of video surveillance equipment offering complete solutions and reputed for quality and reliability.The complete list of Siqura
IP PTZ dome camera specifications can be found at

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