Russian Rail System Transports with Nice Video Surveillance

Russian Rail System Transports with Nice Video Surveillance
Nice Systems, a provider of intent-based solutions that extract insight to impact business performance, reduce financial risk and ensure safety and security, announced that AeroExpress, a provider of rail transportation services between Moscow's rail terminals and its three airports, will implement Nice solution to improve overall security operations. AeroExpress will also be implementing Nice's IP-based video surveillance solution along with video analytics capabilities for automatic intrusion detection. The solutions will enable AeroExpress to effectively manage security situations and respond quickly to events as they occur.

AeroExpress will implement Nice to help its security teams preplan, coordinate and manage response to emergency situations in real time, as well as effectively manage routine security operations. Nice will enable AeroExpress to integrate and correlate data feeds from many different security sensors that enter the control room. In doing so the Nice solution will provide the foundation upon which security teams can “connect the dots”, achieving holistic situational awareness as regards the incident's location and details, the gravity of the situation and the resources available to respond and manage it, therefore facilitating a collaborative and timely response.

“We picked Nice for its capabilities in providing unified security operations management as well as for proven experience in protecting some of the main transportation systems. We are looking forward to benefitting from Nice capabilities for allowing specific tasks to be automated and processes to be enforced. This way we can be sure that the right action is taken at the right time, giving our security personnel the power and scope to focus on making decisions and judgments, leveraging their skills and expertise,” said Aleksey Krivoruchko, CEO of AeroExpress.

Nice solutions will be integrated with a number of third-party systems including access control, a fire alarm panel, a GPS train tracking system, mobile DVR, and a video wall. AeroExpress will also implement Nice's video analytics capabilities for intrusion detection to enable perimeter control for sensitive or restricted areas such as permit parking and limited-access buildings. This will enable automatic detection, tracking and alerting of possibility of intruders.
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