Sudanese Airport Deploys Axis Network Cameras

Sudanese Airport Deploys Axis Network Cameras
Khartoum is home to the largest airport in Sudan, Khartoum International Airport. The airport was originally built at the southern edge of the city; but with rapid growth and consequent urban sprawl, it is located in the heart of the city. With a growing numbers of passengers every year going through customs, a surveillance solution had to be flexible and scalable in order to keep pace with the growing operations while maintaining the highest level of security. The system also needed to be easily integrated into the existing airport infrastructure.

Based on the needs of the airport and nature of the site, Gitech Investment Company, an Axis partner in Sudan, designed and implemented the video surveillance solution. To monitor the activities at the customs areas and ensure the safety of passengers, Axis network cameras were installed. A camera was also selected and connected directly to the existing computer network of the airport.

Thanks to the network cameras, the customs department at Khartoum International Airport can instantly review images of incidents or fraud. “The video surveillance system fully supports the security personnel in their daily work. The Axis cameras have been instrumental in delivering the best IP solution in addition to reducing the time factor and costs for effective surveillance,” said Colonel Anwer Abdalla Ali from Customs Sudan owner of Project in Khartoum International Airport.

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