RCG Considers Delisting from UK Stock Exchange

RCG Considers Delisting from UK Stock Exchange
The board of Directors of RCG Holdings has noted the unusual increase in the price and volume of the shares of the company and wishes to confirm that the board is not aware of any reasons for such increase except may be for the reasons stated herein.

The board is considering the possibility of proposing a cancellation of admission of the company's shares to trading on AIM and PLUS in the U.K. The possible delisting will not affect the listing status of the company on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited. The company has also been approached by investors who are independent third parties in relation to possible subscription of new shares in the company at a price to be agreed. Such independent third parties are not expected to become substantial shareholders of the company. Further announcement will be made as and when applicable.

The possible delisting, possible subscription and possible general mandate refreshment may or may not proceed. Shareholders and potential investors are advised to exercise caution when dealing in shares of the company.

Save as disclosed above, the board confirms that there are no negotiations or agreements relating to intended acquisitions or realizations which are disclosable under rule 13.23 of the Listing Rules, neither is the board aware of any matter disclosable under general obligation imposed by rule 13.09 of the Listing Rules, which is or may be of a price-sensitive nature.
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