HID Facilitates Secure Network Access for US Government Employees

HID Global, a provider of secure identity solutions, has secured an 85,000-unit order from a major US government agency for the company's contact smart-card readers for network authentication. The order follows a series of investments that have positioned the company to deliver one of the most comprehensive physical access, logical access and government-issued ID offerings for meeting federal agency compliance, budget, feature and reliability requirements.

“This significant order from a major US agency reasserts HID's position as one of the premier providers of physical and logical access control solutions for the government,” said Anthony Ball, Senior VP, Identity and Access Management with HID Global. “With our growing product family and recent acquisitions of ActivIdentity and LaserCard, we offer one of the industry's broadest security product portfolios for government and enterprise customers. Our offering includes RFID cards and readers used for physical access as well as smart cards, readers and middleware used for secure identity assurance and network authentication, plus secure card printing and issuance solutions. HID products are trusted by millions of government employees, across hundreds of agencies, worldwide.”

HID will be providing the US government with 85,000 USB contact-based smart-card readers. The readers will be used in conjunction with an individual's identity card, which incorporates a contact smart-card module to authenticate the user during network logon. The readers support the US Federal Government's smart-card program, including personal identity verification cards, and the common access card credential. Both cards address requirements for federally issued credentials that US government employees and contractors must use to gain physical access to secured buildings and logical access to government computer resources. More than five million credentials have been issued by the government.
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