Axis Thermal Cameras Watch for Fires in Swedish City

Axis Thermal Cameras Watch for Fires in Swedish City
The Municipality of Esl?v in Sk?ne has had problems with arson since 2008. To handle and rebuild burnt down buildings has cost the municipality roughly US$15.3 million. It estimated that a total of 4,500 square meters of property have been destroyed, including a school, a sports center and a kindergarten. An acute demand for action ensued within the municipality, aiming at preventing such destruction in the future. The municipality had permission to monitor only 2 meters from the front of the properties, so conventional surveillance cameras were not an alternative.

The municipality of Esl?v needed a solution to prevent such incidents from happening and to respond as fast as possible. Identification was not a primary need; the objective was preventive detection. The municipality therefore contacted Axis partner ComTech Group, which installed an Axis thermal network camera with a direct connection to an emergency service center. In this case, the camera works as a thermal sensor. With the help of this overall solution, the municipality could easily monitor places that are particularly at risk, without exposing the identity of the persons. There are a total of 23 cameras placed on seven buildings in Esl?v.

The investment is part of the closer surveillance that the Municipality of Esl?v has invested in to stop the arson. It is also possible that other vandalism can be prevented by the information provided by thermal sensors. The system is being installed as a measure of prevention and to hopefully detect problems at an early stage. If the investment produces the intended result, the municipality of Esl?v will successively increase the surveillance using thermal sensors.
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