Axxon Video Software Manages Tiraspol City Surveillance

Axxon Video Software Manages Tiraspol City Surveillance
Work has been conducted at the Tiraspol Department of Internal Affairs to speed processing of information received at the control room through the video surveillance system, said Novyi Region. The system is based on the Axxon software package.

As inspector of the division of prevention and security Galina Popeskul said, the video surveillance station is located right in the control room, which enables quicker reactions to registered events.

Here both the communication and notification system and the switchboard have been updated using modern technology, including fiber optic cable.

"Round-the-clock surveillance of the streets of Tiraspol is being conducted with the system, and violations are being recorded. Video cameras have been installed in the streets and intersections where statistics show the most various events occurring," Popeskul said.

“At the moment only 20 video cameras have been installed in the city; these are mostly concentrated in the central part of Tiraspol, but the militia plans to cover the entire city with the system.”

"Now four officers view the video and look for events or violations, record them, report them to the duty officer, and then take appropriate measures," Popeskul concluded.
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