APAC Surveillance Camera Shipments to Reach 21 Million Units by 2013, Says In-Stat

APAC will continue to lead in security camera shipments as manufacturers aiming for the region continue to design and manufacture lower-priced surveillance cameras and systems. In-Stat expects shipments to be nearly 21 million units in 2013. Revenue, on the other hand, is another matter entirely. Both America and EMEA will generate greater sales revenue than the APAC region due to higher selling prices, according to In-Stat.

“Due to higher sales volume of low-end cameras, revenue in APAC will remain lower than that of the other regions,” said Max Baron, Contributing Analyst. “Revenue will only begin to equalize in the outlying years of the forecast when they begin to realize increased sales of the higher priced cameras, those that are currently being sold in the Americas and EMEA.”

● Growth in network cameras surpasses analog cameras and drives higher growth rates in hybrid DVRs and NVRs. 
●  Revenue for processors in network cameras including video encode/image processors and analytics processors will be 67 percent higher in 2014 compared to 2010. 
●  Video surveillance equipment revenue will approach US$15 billion in 2014. 
●  Video surveillance equipment can be found in vertical applications for toll booths, education campuses, public transportation, vehicular traffic monitoring and law enforcement, as well as in applications such as monitoring health conditions of patients in hospitals and at home and queue length management in retail.
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