Plustek Helps Drugstores Move to IP Surveillance

Plustek Helps Drugstores Move to IP Surveillance
The chain drugstores currently run two branches located in the center of Hamburg and another in Kassel, due to its higher level of rental the Headquarters is settled in the suburbs of Hamburg city. When people walk by, they find two smiling staff that is introducing how their goods look after people's health and beauty. Behind their performance, a safe working environment has been made essential and the top mission for the pharmacy owner. “What comes after security concern? “ He asked himself. An idea of analyzing where customer flow happens and inventory communicating suddenly comes into his mind.

The existing DVR systems were installed on site ages ago, however, after realizing the background and concerns of the drugstores, Plustek NVR team extract from guidelines into two principles including budget and original shop decor. They decided not to remove all the previous analog cameras by keeping one or two for the entrance monitoring.

Previously, the DVR system delivers M-JPEG in VGA resolution with fair quality, yet, based on system expansion, the drugstore owner picked up Panasonic solution for the store in Berlin. The product manager applied the Plustek video server and NVR to link up the original analog and all-new network cameras.

“It was a transition quite efficient but smooth, during one-day installation we had to avoid demolishing the original surveillance structure, decor, also we were lucky to know the solution was designed noise-free so that we actually put it near the shop front, its green concept has also been proved in the monthly electricity bill,” said Jacob, the Project Manager.
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