CEM Biometric Readers Take off at Hong Kong International Airport

CEM Biometric Readers Take off at Hong Kong International Airport
CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, have received a US$2 million contract to upgrade the security management system at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).

HKIA has close to 900 aircraft movements, serves more than 155 worldwide destinations everyday, and last year had more than 46 million passengers pass through the airport making it one of the busiest international passenger airports worldwide.

CEM and HKIA have a working relationship of more than15 years in which CEM system has proven itself to be a reliable system. Both parties have worked closely on upgrading the system with the latest technology. As part of the upgrade, HKIA will move from Wiegand to PicoPass technology and will be rolling out a further biometric expansion of CEM fingerprint card readers.

CEM fingerprint reader offers HKIA increased security by providing three levels of identity checks at air-bridges, including ID card authentication, PIN check and fingerprint verification. The reader has a large internal database which holds card and biometric templates at the door. This ensures zero system downtime at air-bridges. The reader also features an LCD screen to show personnel user messages and has many airport-specific door modes such as ‘Passenger Mode' and ‘Lobby Mode' for extended door open times at air-bridges.

“The HKIA upgrade is as more than 1000 CEM readers will be upgraded from Wiegand technology to PicoPass smart-card technology and will use existing IP connectivity at the airport for simplified installation,” said Andrew Fulton, Business Development Director, CEM Systems.”
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