CNL Supplies Security to US Water Facility

CNL, a supplier of Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software, has been selected to protect the Cleveland Water Department (CWD). The solution will be delivered by ProTech Security, a security systems integrator and will provide the integration and information management platform for physical security at the CWD.

CWD is the 8th largest water facility in the U.S., serving the city of Cleveland and its surrounding areas, and currently supplies 397,707 residential and 14,876 commercial customers. To service these customers it employs more than 1200 employees who provide its residents with the highest quality water, which consistently ranks among the best in the U.S. Their operations are so efficient that Cleveland's water costs less per gallon today than it did 150 years ago.

CNL solution will provide a platform for all future physical security enhancements allowing them to build a complete command and control solution.

The solution will enable CWD to protect residents from a wide range of security risks such as contamination due to activism, terrorism or criminal activity.
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