Colombian Beverage Company Takes in Verint IP Surveillance System

Colombian Beverage Company Takes in Verint IP Surveillance System
Verint Systems announced that Bavaria, a subsidiary of SABMiller in Colombia, is implementing the Verint VMS along with multiport encoders, video analytics and network cameras from Verint Video Intelligence Solutions in its distribution, bottling and corporate facilities across Colombia. With the Verint solution, the organization will benefit from security and mission-critical loss prevention and quality control capabilities.

SABMiller is one of the largest brewing companies worldwide with more than 200 brand offerings and operations in 75 countries on six continents. Bavaria serves as its industrial operation in Colombia and an important industrial beverage conglomerate in the country.

In 2008, Bavaria deployed the IP video platform at its brand-new Cerveceria del Valle and Tocancipa breweries. Impressed with the solution's capabilities and results, SABMiller built upon its initial investment in Verint technology and is deploying VMS, video analytics, multiport encoders and network cameras at 19 distribution centers, four additional breweries, two malting plants and four corporate facilities across Colombia in support of the organization's security initiatives.

“Bavaria, a subsidiary of SABMiller in Colombia, has complex facility operations that include process areas, administrative buildings, labs, warehouses, water treatment plants, tanks, bottling areas, raw materials and storage zones,” said Elsa Castaneda, Security Manager, Bavaria. “Using the solution, we will be better equipped than ever to secure our facilities and safeguard our operational success,” Castaneda said.

The IP video platform will enable SABMiller to capture high-quality video images, optimize bandwidth and storage utilization, leverage flexible video search capabilities and benefit from programmable video retention and storage. As a result, the organization can experience a more complete picture of activity and operations and enjoy lower total cost of ownership, along with superior security and reliability.
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