Axis Communications Gains Momentum with Potential Growth

● Net sales during the year amounted to US$ 454 million* (SEK 2,933 M), and sales amounted to $135 million* (SEK 875 M) for the fourth quarter. 

● Operating profit for the year totaled $64 million* (SEK 415 M), and operating profit totaled $19 million* (SEK 125 M) during the fourth quarter. 

●  Profit before tax for the year amounted to $64 million*(SEK 413 M), and profit before tax amounted to $19 million* (SEK 125 M) for the fourth quarter. 

●  Profit after tax during the year totaled $46 million*(SEK 300 M), and profit after tax totaled $13 million*(SEK 90 M) during the fourth quarter. 

●  Earnings per share for the year amounted to $0.67*(SEK 4.32). 

●  The board of directors proposes a dividend of $0.70*(SEK 4.50) of which $0.47*(SEK 3.00) represents an extra dividend (SEK 4.00 of which SEK 2.75 extra dividend).

“Axis reports a strong close to 2010 with net sales of $454 million*(SEK 2,933 M). Continued high demand for Axis products on all markets, a good inventory position and high availability of Axis' network video products contributed to the strong close.

Growth amounted to 40 percent in local currencies during the fourth quarter. Axis estimates that its growth was faster than the market. The company has thus strengthened its position as the market-leading supplier of network video products. There has been considerable interest in all regions for installations of surveillance equipment within retail, city surveillance and the transport sector.

Axis strengthened its patent portfolio after the end of the period through acquisition of about twenty patents relating to network cameras.

During the year Axis continued its global expansion and the company had 914 employees (774) at year-end.”

*Mid-market exchange rates from
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