Mobotix Cameras Watch over European Agricultural Trading Company

Mobotix, a manufacturer of network-based video security systems has released details of a project at Ta'Qali Producers Group (TQPG), an association which represents the interest of farmers in Malta. The solution implemented by Mediterranean Protection Solutions provides 24 hour-a-day surveillance monitoring at four sites including two retail outlets, a grading station and circa 7,000 square feet warehouse with an adjoining farmers market.

Founded in 2007, TQPG helps farmers across Malta improve the quality and presentation of Maltese products with the main objective of selling directly to the consumer thereby stabilizing pricing. With both Maltese government and EU assistance, the group has grown and now helps more than 500 farmers sell produce to a growing community of local buyers including consumers, supermarkets and small market stall holders.

"Surveillance was an early consideration when we opened our first retail outlet," said Peter Axisa, Chief Executive and Co-founder of the Group, "It is vital that we protect our staff, customers and premises while keeping our operational costs as low as possible."

Axisa felt that the surveillance should be more than just a deterrent. As well as reliability and ease of use, the system should also provide an indisputable record of any incident as well as assisting in the general management of each site. "Having surveillance with low quality is a waste of money," Axisa said, "If somebody is doing something wrong, you need to be able to identify them and what they have done otherwise what's the point."

Based on these criteria, Axisa contacted a security consultant who recommended a fully digital, megapixel surveillance solution from Mediterranean Protection Solutions, a surveillance specialist and Mobotix partner.

Based in nearby Mellieha, Mediterranean Protection Solutions provided a consultation service to the group with a design to minimize the amount of cameras while achieving optimum coverage. Working with local subcontractor installations, Mediterranean Protection Solutions managed the installation of structured cabling, switches and Mobotix cameras to provide internal and external coverage across three sites. Each camera is accessible over a broadband link and monitored at night by Mediterranean Protection Solutions security staff. In the event of an alarm trigger, Mediterranean Protection Solutions is able to assess the situation before calling the police, which reduces the possibility of false alarms.

The Mobotix surveillance is also used in other ways. "We had a situation where a customer felt she was given back the wrong change," Axisa said, "The quality of the camera was so high that we were able to discover that there had been an error and rectified the situation."

Axisa also points to uses such as staff training, "We are able to monitor when staff open and close stores and to make sure products are correctly displayed all via the surveillance. By keeping our standards high, we improve our brand which helps our members sell more products at a fair price."

Axisa is full of praise for Mediterranean Protection Solutions, "They have done a fantastic job and any minor issues have been solved quickly and professionally." "We know we could have gone for cheaper analog surveillance but the features, reliability and the quality of the images from Mobotix system makes it useful and more than just a deterrent, which in the end become more price-effective than an analog system."

As the TQPG continues to grow, Axisa believes that more Mobotix cameras will be required. "The implementation of surveillance has been a success and we will be working with Mediterranean Protection Solutions and Mobotix for our future retail outlets."

TQPG provides a portfolio of security products and services to private and public sector organizations across Malta and the Mediterranean region. With expertise in surveillance, fire safety, car park management and airport security, Mediterranean Protection Solutions technical teams and consultants work closely with subcontractors and third-party suppliers to offer integrated solutions.

Acting as an advisor and project manager, Mediterranean Protection Solutions provides design, implementation, monitoring and maintenance services for major security projects. Clients span a wide range of industries including aviation, shipping and port management, retail, logistics and distribution. Mediterranean Protection Solutions is a certified implementation and distribution partner and for many industry technology suppliers.

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