Anixter Cameras Board on Caribbean Cruise Ship

Customer: SiteSecure

Challenge: International deployment of 136 network cameras on a cruise ship

* Upfront-quality checks eliminate potential problems during installation
* Cameras help integrator complete the installation on time and on budget
* Minimize potential equipment problems and reduce on-site troubleshooting

One of the flagship vessels for a cruise operator carries more than 3,000 passengers and crew members on trips throughout the Caribbean. Stretching nearly 1,000 feet in length and with a gross tonnage of nearly 90,000 pounds, the ship boasts a variety of activities from dining and entertainment to pools and nightclubs. Ensuring the security of the crew and guests is essential for the operator. However, upgrading the video surveillance system on a large ocean-going vessel provides a challenge: all installations need to be done in the short time a ship is in dry dock. When the operator wanted to upgrade the video surveillance system, it only had a three-week window to complete the project.

The operator contracted SiteSecure, an IP security integrator, to upgrade the ship's surveillance system to 136 network PTZ and fixed cameras and a half-dozen encoders. As the ship underwent general maintenance in dry dock in the Bahamas, SiteSecure needed to add new IP-based cameras to the existing infrastructure. If SiteSecure couldn't complete the project on time, it would have needed to complete the installation at the off-site location–at its own expense. Given the very short time frame and lead times for the product, the integrator needed a fail-safe deployment plan and solution to ensure the materials would arrive and be installed on time, without interfering with the rest of the work done by the maintenance crews.

"The company had existing cable contractors on site to mount the cameras, but they were not accustomed to doing the work. The company wanted to know what we could do on our end to create a solution that just allowed the cabling contractor to plug in the cameras and have the system discover them automatically," said Andrew Bowman, VP of Engineering, SiteSecure.

Anixter recommended that SiteSecure used its camera service offering. Instead of shipping the camera and infrastructure components to the job site in a piecemeal fashion, the components like housing, mounts and lenses are put into a single part to simplify ordering, receiving and installation. By working with SiteSecure, Anixter deployed the cameras to the ship with labels that showed their exact location to be installed. With the integrator acting as technical support, each solution went from Anixter's distribution center to a specific installation point on the ship, which helped the onsite team install the cameras more quickly.

Because SiteSecure coordinated the installation of the cameras from its US location with the Bahamas-based contractors, it required that each camera kit be powered to mitigate a risk of dead on arrival. Additionally Anixter used its technical expertise to all 136 devices, capture all serial numbers and check the firmware on all the devices prior to shipping. Completed kits were packaged and labeled according to the upgrade schedule and location on the ship.

Anixter's checks helped to eliminate potential problems during installation, which resulted in minimal troubleshooting calls for SiteSecure. With the ready-to-install solution provided by Anixter's cameras, SiteSecure completed the installation on time and on budget without the time and cost associated with travel to the site.

"I liked how methodical Anixter was. All the cameras and boxes were clearly labeled and Anixter was able to deliver a high-quality solution. As a team, we were able to provide that service to the end-user. We didn't have to float the expense of a 100-camera project. I didn't get invoiced until it hit the dock. This gets rid of a huge cash flow problem for me. This allowed me to free up my crew to do other projects too," Bowman said.

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