Terrorist Detection Market to Reach $6.3 Billion by 2014, Says Homeland Security Research

The suicide bomber attack at Moscow's airport, which killed dozens of people, could have been defeated if the airport security authorities had installed standoff suicide terrorist detection technologies equipment in front of the airport entrances. These systems detect the terrorist's explosives at a safe distance and automatically close the airport terminal gates, preventing the terrorist's entrance until the cause of the alarm cleared.

The threat posed by suicide bombers like the Moscow airport attack is the key to the emergence of transformational counter-terror technologies. The maturity and deployment of several standoff technologies, capable of detecting suicide and other terrorists at a safe distance, will change the landscape of homeland security and the war against terror.

According to Homeland Security Research “Global Standoff Terrorist Detection Technologies & Markets 2010-2014” report, this market (including systems sales, maintenance and upgrades) is forecasted to grow exponentially from US$540 million in 2010 to $6.3 billion by 2014.
The landmark report, granulated into more than 80 submarkets, presents detailed analysis and forecasts of this rapidly evolving market. Users can profit from in-depth analysis of seven standoff detection modalities subsectors: 
● Concealed Explosives & Weapon Standoff Detection Systems 
●  Walk-by Threat Sensing Systems
● Pass-through Threat Detection Corridors
● Standoff Biometric Identification Systems 
● Standoff Behavior Detection & Tracking Systems
● Vehicle Standoff Threat Detection Systems
● Standoff Video Content Analysis Based Systems

The market is analyzed and forecast by:

Market Category Technologies
Systems sales Present technologies
Service, upgrades and refurbishing market Pipeline technologies
End-user market (e.g., transportation, defense, secured facilities, public event security) Product performance
Market by region (e.g., USA, Middle East, EU) 74 Vendors
SWOT and competitive analysis More than 40 pipeline government funded programs

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