IP Video Door Phones Ready for Uptake, Says IMS Research

The race to be the first large-scale IP video door phone provider is currently underway. In the soon to be published report “World Market for Video Door Phones – 2011 Edition”, IMS Research examines the potential uptake of IP video door phones over the next five years.

“Very few companies currently offer a full IP video door phone system and the majority of companies that do are not key players in the video door phone market,” said Emma Chapman, Research Analyst of IMS. “Most of the established players in the market are either still developing or just launching an IP product.”

With the use of IP systems maturing throughout the security sector, the opportunity for experienced IP video surveillance, VoIP and intercom companies to ‘leapfrog' the entrenched video door phone manufacturers has presented itself. The technology and expertise that is required to design, manufacture and install an IP video door phone is significantly different to that of a traditional video door phone.

Furthermore IP video door phones offer added functionality to the user such as remote access, improved image resolution and the ability to integrate a range of devices with the video door phone. However, the cost of an IP video door phone is currently significantly higher than a two or four/five wire system. Large and high-end applications, especially where there is an existing IP network, are primary targets for IP video door phone suppliers.

If IP is to supplant the current video door phone technology it needs to be able to compete in smaller projects. This will require the cost to be reduced and for IP companies to support electrical installers in becoming familiar with their products, as these are often the people responsible for specifying the video door phone product that is used in a project.

2010 has seen several new IP video door phones on the market and more IP products are to follow in 2011. However, will the companies that are already operating in this area manage to sustain their market share? If new vendors are able to develop relationships with key customers, such as electrical installers and establish strong distribution chains for IP products, then they could secure their position in the market and disrupt the status quo. However, the current video door phone companies with their extensive knowledge of the industry and established customer and distribution relationships will not give up their market share without a fight.
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