CitySync ALPR Checks in at UK Country House Hotel

CitySync ALPR Checks in at UK Country House Hotel
Hanbury Manor, a Marriott Hotel and Country Club center on a stunning Jacobean Stately House and located in 200 acres of beautiful countryside near Ware, Herts UK was sold on the idea of ALPR but was initially disillusioned.

Quantumatic Cambridge, specialists in security systems, was contracted by Hanbury Manor to install and maintain all the security systems at the hotel. Hanbury Manor needed an ALPR system to record all vehicles entering and leaving the facility. Additionally, they wanted a database with a white list for all staff, visitors and VIPs and a black list for vehicles on their security watchlist.

After the pain and aggravation of installing two different ALPR systems that did not work to the customer's expectations Quantumatic found CitySync who were happy to provide a loan system for a short evaluation.

Both the Hanbury Manor Security Team and Quantumatic could see the difference immediately and quickly decided that CitySync should install a permanent replacement system.

“We have tested five ALPR systems in total and they all have a common problem with accuracy except for CitySync ALPR software,” said Charlie Lee, Senior Engineer at Quantumatic. “We are impressed with the consistent high accuracy of the system. We will continue to use the ALPR system from CitySync.”

“Sadly this experience is more common than many people realize and we swap out a lot of failed systems. ALPR is not just a ‘video analytic' but a very demanding technology. Users are quick to spot failings. Buying a cheap ALPR system is a false economy as it fundamentally undermines security as well as an integrators relationship with the user,” said Desna Fielding, Sales VP at CitySync.

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