Chinese University Deploys Legic Access Control System

Tianjin Polytechnic University (TJPU) has decided on a partnership with Legic Identsystems, a Switzerland manufacturer of contactless smart-card technology for personal identification. Its School of Computer Science and Software Engineering will be able to upgrade more than 3000 PoS terminals to the Legic technology and to develop new terminals and access control readers for the whole campus. By integrating different elements of university life, the institute benefits from increased security, flexibility and service for students and staff.
TJPU has been using Legic technology to manage payment processes and access control on the campus. With the partnership agreement, TJPU can trade on the migration to Legic technology which also meets advanced requirements in terms of security. It enables an easy integration of different solutions but also allows for the customizable adaptation to new or modified applications.

“Year after year, we issue more than 5000 new campus cards. Thanks to the flexible expandability of the Legic smart-card platform we can now enhance our identification system independently and adapt it to future demands”, said Zhenkai Wan, President of Academy of Computer Science and Software Engineering at Tianjin Polytechnic University. “The possibility to easy modify or add applications has been one of the most important reasons why we have decided for Legic.”

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