US Financial Organization Upgrades Security System with Pacom

General Mills Federal Credit Union (GMFCU) has recently upgraded its security system including keyless technologies, using Pacom and Case & Associates to implement an integration and management solution.

The GMFCU in Minnetonka, Minnesota, provides a secure financial partner for General Mills employees and their families, with assets in excess of US$267 million. In an effort to improve overall security, GMFCU recently upgraded its security system with the help of Pacom Systems and Case & Associates. This included using Pacom GMS to manage a keyless entry system for the entire facility.

“We are very pleased with the security solution provided by Case and Pacom. It makes the management and monitoring of our entire facility much easier,” said Danielle Konrad-Arthur, Compliance Security Officer at GMFCU.

The Pacom keyless system helps access management for authorized employees and works with the credit union's time clock to ensure that all doors and vaults are properly monitored and controlled, including auto-lock functions to front doors and vault. Keyless entry and automated card reader access control solutions are becoming very popular in the business community, where secure facilities and employee accountability is a must.

Case & Associates of Minnesota, have been providing new and used banking equipment since 1986 and have a solid reputation with hundreds of global financial institutions. They are familiar with Pacom solutions, having worked with Pacom on several financial market security systems. “We have worked with Pacom for a number of years and have found their products and software solutions have the flexibility and reliability that our customers demand in their security systems,” said Grant Case, President of Case & Associates.

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