Business Cloud Computing and Managed Hosting to Surpass $13 Billion in 2014, Says In-Stat

Businesses are moving to the cloud, at least as far as their IT spending is concerned. A new In-Stat report forecasts cloud computing and managed hosting spending by US businesses will surpass US$13 billion in 2014, up from less than three billion.

“Although spending across all sectors and size of business is projected to grow, there are some segments where growth will be staggering,” said Greg Potter, Research Analyst. “The professional services and healthcare verticals will see the largest growth in spending on cloud computing services, growing more than 124 percent between 2010 and 2014.”

Additional information includes: 
● Software-as-a-service spending will increase 112 percent between 2010 and 2014. 
●  Infrastructure-as-a-service spending will approach $4 billion in 2014.
● Platform-as-a-service spending will increase 113 percent to roughly $460 million in 2014.
● Small office/home office businesses are leading in the adoption of cloud computing services.

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