Firetide Wireless Surveillance Watches over Korean Rivers

To preserve the environment and prevent disasters caused by flooding, the South Korean government is undertaking a two-billion dollar restoration project of the country's four major rivers including the Han River, the Yeongsan River, the Nakdong River and the Seomjin River and surrounding recreational areas.

With funding from the government, South Korea's Water Resource Management has selected Daelim I&S, the country's system integrator, with Global Telecom as the distributor to deploy Firetide wireless infrastructure solutions for the “Four Rivers” restoration project. When completed in 2012, Firetide's multiservice wireless infrastructure will provide a sensor network for water level, temperature and pollution measurement; a video surveillance network to monitor the dams; and public Wi-Fi service for adjacent riverside parks.

“We selected Firetide because no other company offers the multiservice wireless network infrastructure capable of covering such a large area and supporting the concurrent transmission of real-time video, voice and data,” said Mr.Song Choong II, PM of ‘Four Rivers Restoration' for Daelim I&S. “We are also impressed with Firetide's experience, knowledge and track record in providing wireless infrastructure solutions for many demanding applications such as the Seoul Subway and other ‘ubiquitous city' projects throughout South Korea.”

The four major rivers are more than 240 miles in length combined. To cover this area, more than 200 Firetide MIMO and non-MIMO mesh nodes along with 300 cameras from Sony, Axis Communications and Samsung will be deployed to support the sensor and video surveillance applications. In addition, free public Wi-Fi service will be provided in adjacent parks using Firetide's MIMO-based wireless access points and customer premise equipment.
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