RCG Steps into Mining Security through Partnership

For the past one year, RCG team had geared up on the development of vertical solutions on RFID, biometrics and security targeting at banking, telecommunication, property and entertainment sectors. RCG managed to click few deals on these sectors and were glad to mention that Xiangyang government had recognized RCG as a company with high-potential development and this endorsement will strengthen RCG foothold in China.

RCG had also identified a new partner, Spartan Gold, a Nevada-based junior mining and exploration company, which RCG had acquired some shares, that will benefit RCG in the development and deployment of technologies in natural resources sector through their experiences and contacts. This investment will create a platform for RCG in marketing technologies to other companies for adoption in similar functionality in the lucrative mining industry.

According to statistics presented by Mine Safety and Health Administration, a division of US Department of Labor, in the U.S. there are thousands of workers suffered from injuries and fatalities in the mining operations. At mine sites, it is crucial to assure workers' safety, given the mine operation conditions which is prone to accidents. These accidents are due to various reasons such as mine collapse, leak of gas, malfunctioning mining equipments or dust explosions.

A wireless, handheld device combining biometrics and global positioning system will enable taking attendance record and marking the location of the mining workers, thus improving workers' safety with identification and positioning functions. Such device is also suitable for mobile, outdoor or rough environment and applicable for open construction sites, scattered sites, sites with multiple entrances and exits or any other possible scenarios.

Real time location system (RTLS) based on active RFID or Wi-Fi will enable real-time asset tracking, personnel tracking and inventory management. Each worker will carry a RFID tag and sensor which can allow the mine operator to track his/her movements within the mine; at the same time it will alert the mine operator if there is no movement detected from the worker for a period of time, signaling potential loss of consciousness. The feature of panic alarm in RTLS can enable workers to inform the back office about their positions when they need help. Besides, vehicle movements within the mine sites can also be tagged and tracked with RFID tag for transport monitoring and collision prevention. RFID asset tracking implemented in different phase of production will provide the operators with more efficient operational and production processes, as well as the improvement of workers' safety, inventory management and equipment maintenance.
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