Avigilon Surveillance System Integrates with HRM's IT and Security Infrastructure

Avigilon Surveillance System Integrates with HRM's IT and Security Infrastructure
Avigilon, a supplier of HD and megapixel video surveillance systems, announced that the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) has deployed the Avigilon HD surveillance system on the ferry transit system at several recreation centers and at a metro transit service garage to protect its critical assets. The surveillance system was selected for its management features and ability to integrate with HRM's existing IT infrastructure, intrusion and access control systems.

“HRM owns millions of dollars' worth of assets and property that are accessible to the public, so it is vital that we ensure that they are protected and used properly, while also ensuring the safety of the people who routinely use our facilities,” said Randy Stoddard, Manager of Corporate Security at HRM. “Offering an IP-based, HD surveillance solution, Avigilon was chosen for its performance capabilities and because it could leverage our existing network and integrate with our intrusion and access control systems to facilitate installation, reduce costs and meet IT standards across the board.”

HRM security personnel manage the surveillance system using Avigilon control center NVMS. The municipality installed more than 200 megapixel Avigilon HD cameras. These cameras have been installed at three recreation centers, wirelessly on three ferry boats and their corresponding transit terminals and at its new metro transit service garage, which also has an Avigilon 180-degree panoramic HD dome camera. Monitoring traffic flow and protecting assets are the primary security goals at both the recreation centers and transit garage, while passenger safety is the top priority at the ferries. HRM stores 14 days of footage on 14 servers located across the municipality and monitors the system at a central control room and onsite at each location.

By leveraging existing IT resources, HRM is able to save installation and maintenance costs and migrate over to full HD as network requirements and budget allows. The HD surveillance system can also be integrated into HRM's intrusion and access control systems to create an integrated security solution. By dedicating a portion of its network to the system, HRM was able to create a wireless surveillance solution for its ferry system, which is connected remotely to the central control room for 24/7 monitoring. With the ability to digitally zoom in for superior image clarity, the surveillance system in many instances replaces the need for a PTZ camera because it can zoom in to capture details without losing the broader field of view. Avigilon control center management features help HRM staff reduce investigation times from hours to minutes.

“As a municipality, HRM encompasses many different types of facilities, from headquarters to transit systems to recreation centers that present different security challenges but all share a common thread: the IT infrastructure,” said Alexander Fernandes, President and CEO at Avigilon. “By deploying the HD surveillance system, which can integrate with its existing IT network, HRM has taken a unified approach to protecting its people, property, and information.”
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