HID RFID Deployed by German Data Gathering Company for ID Checks

HID Global, a supplier of secure identity solutions, announced that its RFID reader module has been chosen by DESKO for its personal identification mini dock identity-checking system. Jointly developed with Panasonic, the system is designed for border-control, policing and other security applications, and includes a DESKO-designed optical character recognition unit and a fingerprint scanner that are connected to Panasonic's ultra-mobile PC device.

“HID's RFID reader module is a key element in our revolutionary 3-in-1 solution,” said Bruno Geyer, MD with DESKO. “We chose HID's module because it is one of the fastest readers on the market at transfer rates of 848kbps and features a design that ensures reliable outdoor operation under harsh conditions.”

“HID and DESKO have worked jointly with Panasonic to create an advance in border-control identity-checking technology,” said Maik Pogoda, VP of e-government sales for HID Global's Identification Solutions business. “Our RFID reader module supports the latest generation of e-passports that comply with EAC mandates to deliver encryption plus biometric data, such as a fingerprint or iris scan, which is more difficult to impersonate on the RFID chip. By supporting both BAC and EAC standards, HID's RFID readers provide flexibility as the world migrates to the ultimate in secure technology.”

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