Zenco Surveillance System Watches over UK Borough Council

Zenco Surveillance System Watches over UK Borough Council
Zenco Systems completed a project to provide a combined attended and unattended digital parking and traffic enforcement solution for Reading Borough Council. The solution installed by Tyco Integrated Systems (Tyco) combines the benefits of using existing surveillance cameras to enforce bus lanes and parking restrictions with the convenience and flexibility of wireless cameras to automatically enforce bus gates that are outside the range of the existing surveillance traffic cameras.

The new system includes two surveillance capture stations that are interfaced to the Tyco surveillance system and a redeployable camera that provides wireless and automated monitoring of bus gates in and around the borough. The ability to redeploy the camera makes it an efficient method of enforcement.

The main aim of the project was to replace the outdated analog attended enforcement system which was obsolete and inefficient when compared to the digital system developed by Zenco. The secondary aim was to have a system that could be easily expanded both in terms of the number of cameras that can be monitored but also the type of enforcement devices that can be incorporated, such as the cameras or mobile enforcement vehicles.

The digital enforcement suite was interfaced with the existing back-office ticket processing system to provide a single enforcement solution.

“e-mpirical assisted Reading Borough Council with the selection, procurement and implementation of the system. It was selected as it had an efficient method of contravention evidence capture and processing. It integrated with both the Tyco surveillance system and the back-office notice processing system to produce evidential images,” said Tony Worsdall, MD of e-mpirical. “Also, being modular in design, it gave us confidence that the system could be expanded with minimum cost and downtime. By working with all suppliers and stake holders we were able to provide Reading Borough Council with an up to date, effective contravention enforcement system that utilized the existing NSL data network and hardware for maximum efficiency'.
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